• Nestled in the Hertfordshire countryside, the perfect inspiration for creating unique and innovative designs.


‘Unique, innovative designs, made by highly skilled craftsmen, delivered through our personal tailored service’.


Nestled in the Hertfordshire countryside, Tanner Furniture Designs endeavours to offer exceptional design, exquisite craftsmanship, with a personal service.  A family business, with the family name at the forefront, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful products which enhance your home, and deliver luxury into everyday living, at the right price.



Rod Tanner, designer and craftsman, graduated in 2001 from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.  After falling for a Hertfordshire girl, he never returned to the Emerald Isle, instead choosing to settle in beautiful rural Hertfordshire.  A passion for design and a love for fine furniture has shaped his career path and after many years experience, the dream finally became a reality and Tanner Furniture Designs LTD was founded.



A “Tanner” furniture design will not only fulfil the functional needs of modern living but deliver fine examples of timeless pieces, which blend contemporary design and classic simplicity.  A love for natural wood, with all its sumptuous tones and characterful grain will ensure every piece has individual natural beauty.   Furniture with elegant proportions and intricate detailing will be at the heart of each and every collection.    Our ability to partner 21st century technology and tried and tested construction methods, ensure every ‘Tanner’ design is worthy of the maker’s mark.